• What’s Next? Global Overview of Phase 2

    Common feelings around aging services providers include fatigue for working 24/7 work; sadness, feeling losses in their communities, and in the face of all that: gratitude for those who continue their work. Care providers are still trying to obtain masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and testing while doing their jobs–

  • Worldwide Testing Shortage Impacts Long-term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

    The coronavirus is in more than 180 countries (that’s 92% of the world.) We don’t know the number of people affected because of the lack of worldwide testing. Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and other aging services providers are unnecessarily bearing the brunt of negative attention for what is an

  • Over one month of Coronavirus Response in Ireland’s Nursing Homes

    Ireland’s chief medical officer said, as of April 16, that coronavirus cases in the population have decreased. However, nursing home cases are still a rising concern. Nursing homes are getting the reputation of a “Cinderella Sector”, based in the European fairytale about an ignored stepsister that deserves more positive attention

  • UN Secretary General Statement

    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing untold fear and suffering for older people across the world. The fatality rate for older people is higher overall, and for those over 80, it is five times the global average. Beyond its immediate health impact, the pandemic is putting older people at greater risk of

  • Global Economic Policy Reactions to COVID-19

    by Beth Brodsky Countries across the globe are changing economic policy to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s emergency response will specifically impact the world’s aged and how people will age in future years. For example, the International Monetary Fund reports that in Jordan, as of March 23, the country

  • A Success Story from Kenya

    By Nancy Wagachu Program Director Wells Of Hope Centre Senior Citizen Nursing Centre is a registered nonprofit/non-governmental organization founded in 2015 with a mission to provide quality and dignified care for the aged in Kenya. The founding members, led by visionary Helen Kariuki, started outreach programs where they visited vulnerable

  • Taiwan: Measures against COVID-19

       Image Source: https://static.bangkokpost.com/media/content/20200410/c1_3596385.jpg Countries around the world struggle to combat the COVID-19 outbreak with millions of citizens sheltered in place. We can look to Taiwan, a country in close proximity to China and its effective efforts to manage the spread of the disease. Taiwan currently has 382 confirmed cases

  • Securing Care Homes For Workers Secures Homes for Older Adults

    “Biosecurity” strategies can prevent spread of COVID-19 in enclosed group gatherings. Care homes, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and more fall under the umbrella of enclosed group homes. Care workers are the enforcers of biosecurity. Global Ageing Network Board Member Vic Rayner, executive director of the National Care Forum in

  • Global Ageing Network Sponsors Pass It On Network’s United Nations Virtual Side Event

    On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Global Ageing Network co-sponsored Pass It On Network’s United Nations (UN) side event. Originally, the event was meant to take place in conjunction with the UN Open-ended Working Group on Aging (OEWGA), which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. The OEWGA serves as

  • Dominican Republic’s Dr. Pereyra Uses Media for Public Health Messaging on COVID-19

    Dominican Republic’s Dr. Pereyra Uses Media for Public Health Messaging on COVID-19 Part of the worldwide fear around spreading COVID-19 comes from the uncertainty of media. How much of what the media produces is factual? How much is sensational? What’s the difference between a friend of a friend passing along