• September Wisdom Talk Highlights Cameroon-based Organization

    The Global Aging Network welcomed speakers Jack York, founder of It’s Never Too Late (iN2L), and Francis Njuakom Nchii, founder of CDTVA Cameroon, on Sept. 27 for the Wisdom Talk monthly series. CDTVA is an organization in Cameroon that promotes home care for elders at the grassroots level. Nchii is

  • A Generational Approach on Senior Living Workforce

    Senior Housing News, with sponsorship from PointClickCare, recently published an e-book that looks at the senior living workforce and its impact across 5 generations: Traditionalist, baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (the millennial generation), and Generation Z. The millennial generation compromises the largest percentage of the workforce. Many businesses have

  • LeadingAge CAST to present at the Global Ageing Network Workforce Summit

    It will bring together policymakers, researchers, for-profit and nonprofit international home care providers, educators, and consumer/worker groups to discuss key issues in the aging services workforce. The summit will place a special emphasis on international training standards for front line personal care assistants and their supervisors. This summit will address

  • The 2019 Global Ageing Network Biennial Conference Ends!

    The 2019 Global Ageing Network Conference in Toronto, Canada, connected over 800 aged care professionals from all around the world. Many have flown hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to participate, from South Africa, Australia, Uganda, Lebanon, Nigeria, Cameroon, China, and South Korea. Over a busy week of activities, from

  • Approaches to Age-friendly Housing

    Numerous models of “age-friendly housing” are emerging around the world, including sharing housing, retrofitting homes, building new structures, supporting people to live at home, technology-enabled approaches, and policy incentives such as zoning. There is certainly not a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but we can all learn from these wonderful examples. Grantmakers in

  • Visiting Jeju Elders

    by Geralyn Magan Fostering Resilience through Collaboration Many older people around the world face unique challenges as they try to build healthy and meaningful lives after experiencing trauma in their youth. But collaboration among professionals in the worldwide field of aging services could go a long way toward offering these

  • 2019 Global Ageing Network Excellence in Applied Research Winner!

    Global Ageing Network Excellence in Applied Research The Global Ageing Network Excellence in Applied Research recognizes research focused on understanding and/or solving challenges and needs in provider settings or that can influence service and supports. Research must demonstrate a commitment to “giving back” to the field by sharing research findings

  • 2019 Global Ageing Network Ageing Service Award Winner!

    Global Ageing Network Excellence in Ageing Services Awards The Global Ageing Excellence in Ageing Services Award recognizes organizations and/or individuals for programs and services that are models of innovation and excellence and that contribute significantly to the quality of life of the individuals served. The Global Ageing Network is pleased

  • South Korean Members Present at Our May “Wisdom Talk”

    The Global Ageing Network thanks Dr. Chang Hoon Ko from South Korea and Imja Choi for their 2 May “Wisdom Talk” presentation. Chang Hoon Ko is an author and president of World Association for Island Studies. Dr. Ko also serves as the co-president of Global Ageing Network Korea. Dr. Ko

  • Member Profile: Ageing Concern Foundation

    Located in Western Kenya, the Ageing Concern Foundation (ACF), strives to enrich livelihoods of vulnerable senior citizens (> 65 yrs) who are pillars from which communities tap wisdom and guidance. Founded in 2018, ACF focuses on strengthening the livelihoods and resilience of often neglected elders in Migori County. Currently, there