• A Letter from Judy Martin, Chair

    As the reported cases of COVID-19 increase across Australia and around the world, I know we are all extremely worried, noting particularly the population objective for containment includes the most vulnerable, elders.  Across the globe, the Global Ageing Network (GAN) board members are in daily contact sharing their experiences from

  • A note from Katie Smith Sloan, Global Ageing Network Executive Director

    Global Ageing Network members and partners, As countries around the world address the challenges associated with the Coronavirus, I would be remiss if I didn’t pause to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the work you are doing. I’ve heard from some of you and am struck by your

  • A message from the Executive Director about the Coronavirus

    Dear Global Ageing Network Members, As I’m sure you have heard on the news, many countries are preparing for a Coronavirus outbreak or are currently implementing measures to contain spread of Coronavirus. We have gathered the most relevant and essential tools for you as you prepare your organization for the

  • Seniors and Lebanese Protests

    by Joyce Eid Triggered by a stagnant economy, endemic corruption of the public sector, and condemnation of sectarian political rule, civil protests are taking place in Lebanon. The revolution may have started with the youth, but senior citizens rapidly joined the peaceful uprise. They are protesting against the corrupt system

  • European Ageing Network’s Vision for Long-Term Care

    By Jiri Horecky President, European Ageing Network EUROPEAN AGEING NETWORK is introducing the Vision 2030 for long term care in Europe. The European Ageing Network (EAN) was created in 2017, though that doesn’t mean it’s a brand-new organization. Behind EAN are two European organizations with a long history: EDE, the

  • U.K. Proposal Exacerbates Workforce Shortage in Ageing Services

    Immigration and ageing services may seem like 2 unrelated topics, but the 2 actually heavily depend on each other. Over a year ago, Katie Smith Sloan wrote that the key to filling the tremendous amount of job vacancies in aged-care services in most countries is through foreign-born workers.  Today, many

  • Global Ageing Network Partners with Dialog Health

    The Global Ageing Network is excited to announce our partnership with Dialog Health, an organization that designs and organizes international study trips. Dialog Health provides a unique opportunity for executives from the health and social care sectors to discover the latest innovations in the field. The team comprises a core staff

  • 2020: The New Decade for Healthy Ageing

    By Judy Martin, Chair, Global Ageing Network The beginning of a new year and a new decade is an exciting and reflective time to evaluate where we are as an organisation and as a collaborative community/field. To facilitate global communication, The Global Ageing Network’s (GAN’s) stated mission is to enhance

  • A Student’s Experience with the Ageing Field

    By Randhika Aturaliya I have been a Global Ageing Network intern since January and it has opened my eyes to the ageing field. Last month, I attended the LeadingAge Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, and was excited to immerse myself in the field with thousands of ageing services leaders

  • Sustainable Development Goals and Aging

    The Stakeholder Group on Ageing (SGA) represents the voice of older persons in the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) include no poverty and zero hunger. SGA brings together global networks to discuss the issue of aging and the needs of older persons around