• Japan’s Ageing Population

    Japan Addresses Its Ageing Population Japan’s population is the oldest on earth, with 25% of its population over 65. Over the next decade, the population of over 75 years old in greater Tokyo will grow by 1.75 million. What does nation do when 25% of its population is age 65

  • Aad Koster Elected President of EAHSA 

    The Executive Board of the European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA) has elected Mr. Aad Koster as its new President. Aad Koster is CEO of ActiZ, the Dutch association for residential and home care organizations and infant and child health clinics. Aad Koster: “My goal with

  • EU Funds a Research Project to Study How Social Inequalities Influence Healthy Ageing

    EU Funds a Research Project to Study How Social Inequalities Influence Healthy Ageing The EU’s Horizon 2020 programme has awarded the Lifepath project a 6 million euro grant to study the link between socioeconomic status and healthy ageing. The project will be conducted by 15 institutions across Europe, the US,

  • Explore Research on Dementia, Workforce, Wellness and Housing

    by Taryn Patterson Canadian providers of aging services are taking a page out of the American football playbook by offering direct care workers an opportunity to “huddle” when they need help managing the dementia-related behaviors of residents in long-term care settings. Recent research published in the Canadian Journal on Aging

  • Active Ageing Index Shows Winners and Losers

    Active Ageing Index Shows Winners and Losers The E.U.’s latest Active Ageing Index shows that the affluent Nordic and Western European countries top the ranking with Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the U.K. at the top. The scores indicate that in these four countries, ageing is a coherent policy area

  • HelpAge International to Join IAHSA in Perth

    HelpAge Plenary speaker Meredith Wyse has been working with HelpAge International for over ten years and is currently Strategic Development Manager for the East Asia Region based in Thailand. Her focus is on community development and home and community based care in the region. She has developed training programmes for

  • Slovenian Youth leader, Author and Entrepreneur to Speak in Perth

    Slovenian youth leader, author and entrepreneur, Ziga Vavpoti, will be a featured speaker at the ACSA/IAHSA Global Ageing Conference in Perth Australia. Ziga is a strong proponent of cooperation and connecting organizations and people. At age 31, Vavpoti is the chair of the largest NGO for youth in Slovenia, the

  • Bangladesh NGO Focuses on Good Quality of Life Through Care and Love

    Care First Foundation (CFF) has recently joined IAHSA and hopes to expand their efforts in addressing the widespread unmet needs of elders in Bangladesh. Those age 60 and over are 7% of the population in Bangladesh and have a life expectancy of 69.  Due to extreme poverty in the country, the

  • Older People Speak Out about Discrimination and Human Rights

    Over 2000 older persons from around the world have shared their views about how older people are being discriminated against and the impact it has had on their lives. The vast majority have said they were treated differently and discriminated against simply because of their older age. For some, being

  • Options for Seniors in Ontario Canada

    Senior Housing options in Canada are as complex as they are in most developed countries—there are a range of labels, funding and services, according to Vanessa O. Rorai, MSW student at Wayne State University and an intern at the Thome Rivertown Neighborhood in Detroit, MI. Vanessa recently conducted a review of