• $1 Million Resilience Awards Focus on Helping Older Adults Live at Home

    Four innovative entrepreneurs will share almost $1 million in financial awards for their innovative solution during the 2016 Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award competition. This year’s award recognizes innovative solutions that enable older adults to live independently at home. Online applications are due by 22 May by 24.00 Central European Time

  • My Home Life: Research and Reflection On The Role of Care Providers

    How should we think about our roles as providers vis a vis the people we serve? Professor Julienne Meyer of City University of London reflects on My Home Life, a research-based initiative focused on what older people want and what it demands of us as providers: “Developing best practice together

  • Reflections from Kenya

    I had the good fortune to visit Kenya recently. It is a beautiful country full of sharp contrasts – bustling, loud cities and vast, quiet grasslands; rugged mountains and miles of empty beaches; Land Rovers and donkeys; Masai tribesmen clothed in red blankets and modern outfits from the local department

  • Art-viewing Improves Cognition & Well-being in Dementia Patients and Caregivers

    A recent study conducted by the Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK shows that regular art-viewing sessions via touchscreen tablets may cause significant cognitive improvement and boost the overall wellbeing of dementia patients and their caregivers. The study was published online in the December issue of the Journal of

  • Case Study: Are There Enough Care Providers for Canada’s Future Elders?

    Dan Levitt, IAHSA Board Member and Executive Director of Tabor Village in Vancouver, Canada, shares his thoughts and insights about Canada’s rapidly ageing population and the shrinking number of care providers and aged-friendly resources to help them. The solution? A geriatric care system just as robust as the pediatric care

  • How to Combat Loneliness in Residential Care Settings

    By Geralyn Magan Resident engagement and peer support can be more effective than traditional activities programs in addressing loneliness and depression among residents of nursing homes, assisted living settings, and retirement communities. That’s the conclusion of a new paper co-authored by Robyn Stone, executive director of the LeadingAge Center for

  • Looking Beyond the Earthquake to Empower Elders in Nepal

    By Geralyn Magan Many still associate Nepal with the heartbreaking images of death and destruction that dominated television news programs after a devastating earthquake hit the Asian nation in April 2015. Despite its long struggle to recover from that natural disaster, Nepal still has plenty to teach the rest of

  • The Role of the Primary Care Physician in Managing Dementia

    Across the globe, the role of the primary care physician in managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become central, and with increasing incidence of dementia and AD comes additional challenges. Extant research has examined knowledge primary care practitioners (PCPs) have about AD (Pucci et al., 2004; Turner et al., 2004). Some

  • Meet IAHSA’s New Board Members

    IAHSA welcomes four new board members in 2016. Richard Semanda is Executive Director of the Geriatric Respite Care Foundation in Uganda, a community-based organization focused on delivering geriatric and palliative care for older people. Richard has been active in a number of other organziations that advocate for and provide support

  • IAHSA Members Partner To Launch Sustainable Goat Rearing Programme for Women Elders in Cameroon

    Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA) and Jack York of It’s Never Too Late partnered to launch the “Jack York Elderly Women’s Sustainable Goat Rearing Project” a sustainable livestock programme to assist elderly women and their families in the north west region of Cameroon.  Jack York met Francis Njuakom Nchii, Executive