• ‘Good to Great’ – A Model for Improving Workforce Effectiveness

    By Katie Callaghan,The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus (Guest Post) The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, embarked on a project to improve its workforce effectiveness.  The executive team recognized the need for change and improvement, despite strong performance across the organisation.  While there was excellent overall

  • Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi) To Receive 2017 Excellence in Ageing Services Award

    Congratulations to Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi), recipient of the 2017 Global Ageing Network Excellence in Ageing Services Award. The Global Ageing Excellence in Ageing Services Award recognizes organizations and/or individuals for programs and services that are models of innovation and excellence and that contribute significantly to the quality of life

  • Global Ageing Network to Present Special Commendations in Ageing Services

    The Global Ageing Network recognizes the Purity Elderly Care Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya and IRT Group-Kemira in NSW, Australia with Special Commendation for Ageing Services. Purity Elderly Care Foundation (Nairobi, Kenya) [huge_it_slider id=”9″] The Purity Elderly Care Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered in the Republic of Kenya to help vulnerable elderly

  • Success Through Intergenerational Management

    By Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schlüter, WHZ University of Applied Sciences (Sachsen, Germany) and Prof. Dr. Katharina Oleksiw, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Kärnten, Austria ) Making the best possible use of the existing workforce’s potential is key as we address challenges related to recruitment and retention. Giving due consideration to the specific skills

  • 6 Ways You Can Help An Older Adult With Depression | Junomedical

    World Health Day commemorates the anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is celebrated on the 7th day of April of every year.  This year’s World Health Day theme was centered around a subject that affects people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures from all over the world. Depression: Let’s Talk is

  • Improving Best Practice at a Global Level – Inside Ageing

    By Marcus Riley, Chair – Global Ageing Network The International Association of Homes & Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) has formally become the Global Ageing Network. The re-brand of this important organisation signals a renewed and enhanced commitment to positively influencing the improvement of best practices in our industry on

  • Can Housing-Based Programming Bridge the Generational Divide?

    BY GERALYN MAGAN Preliminary findings from a new LeadingAge/Generations United survey show that housing-based intergenerational programs are bringing tangible benefits to participants of all ages, as well as housing community staff.  Independent living communities in the United States are using a variety of strategies and funding mechanisms to forge strong

  • India – Seeing is Believing!

    By Jack York, President/Co-Founder, It’s Never 2 Late Sensory overload… has that happened to you lately? If it hasn’t I suggest a visit to India! Earlier this year Katie Smith Sloan, Global Ageing Network executive director, invited me to speak at the International Conference on Services to the Elderly in

  • The Global Ageing Network’s Core Principles for Care & Services

    The Global Ageing Network is a diverse group of providers, applied researchers, architects, clinicians and others committed to a good old age for older adults through the world.  In spite of the immense diversity of cultures, policies, and traditions, we have come together around core principles for care, housing and services

  • Viv Allanson Named 2016 CEO of the Year by APAC Insider

    Congratulations to Viv Allanson, Global Ageing Network Board Member and CEO of Maroba, who was named as APAC Insiders 2016 CEO of the Year! APAC Insider recognizes innovative and result-focused leadership emerging from the most prominent and vibrant areas of business in the Asia Pacific region. *Feature photo taken from February 2017 Issue