• Why I Joined the Global Ageing Network: A Perspective from Margie Chapman

    Margie Chapman, founding chairperson, South African Care Forum The South African Care Forum has been an affiliate member of the Global Ageing Network for many years. As Chairperson of this forum, I have used the Global Ageing Network as a platform to share stories from our members from around South

  • Filling the Care Gap – Foreign-Born Workers in Aged Care

    By Katie Smith Sloan, executive director, Global Ageing Network The workforce is everything in aging services – every country, every community, and every provider. Our workforce is the backbone of the services we provide, the quality we deliver and the satisfaction of our clients and residents. This has been true

  • Co-Creating Environments: Empowering Elders and Strengthening Communities Through Design

    Emi Kiyota, a Global Ageing Network board member, submitted a short essay in a Hastings Center report focusing on “Co-Creating Environments: Empowering Elders and Strengthening Communities Through Design.” Abstract Working with elders around the world has taught me that those living in grass huts in Africa with children at their

  • Better is Good — A Reflection

    By Vincenzo Paolino (Guest Post) In times where some politicians try to convince us that each country must only place its own interests first, we as the civil society must work even harder to show that international collaboration helps to solve severe problems that do not stop at borders. Severe and proven

  • Korean Ageing Network Hosts Symposium

    On the small island of Jeju, South Korea, aged care practitioners gathered together for a symposium hosted by the Korean Ageing Network, an affiliate of the Global Ageing Network, on 8 September 2019. The symposium included participants from other areas in Korea, including Incheon, Chunehcon, Cheonan, Daegu, Jeju, Islan, Shihon,

  • The Future of Aged Care in Europe

    The newly rebranded European Ageing Network (EAN) held a successful conference in Prague in mid-September. With over 400 leaders in aged care from 30 countries and 3 continents, the delegates were focused on the question of the whether there is a future of long-term care in Europe. The short answer

  • Call for Content Deadline: Only 2 Weeks Away

    The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and the Global Ageing Network are hosting the leading international event for professionals and consumers of long-term care and ageing services, This is Long Term Care, in Toronto, Canada, 17-19 September 2019. And we need your help to make the conference unforgettable! The

  • Research Snapshot: A Picture of Foreign-Born Workers in LTSS

    Increased life expectancies and the projected growth of the older population has created a significant demand for long-term services and supports (LTSS) around the globe. Yet, the supply of paid LTSS workers and informal caregivers who can help meet this demand is shrinking dramatically. Research suggests that an expanded migrant/immigrant

  • Leading a Life of Continued Fulfillment Post-Retirement – 4 Simple Tips (Guest Post)

    By Anne Haris (Guest Post)  For many people, retirement is a chance to finally do the things they’ve always wanted to do that daily grind didn’t allow. And then, there’s that other group of people who don’t want to retire, because they don’t know how to handle all the time

  • Ibasho at Global Ageing Network’s Aug. “Wisdom Talk”

    The Global Ageing Network welcomed Drs. Emi Kiyota and Taryn Patterson to present on Ibasho at the August “Wisdom Talk” series. Through a photographic presentation, they demonstrated how the Ibasho concept was incorporated in communities in Japan, Philippines, and Nepal. Ibasho means “a place where you can feel like yourself.”