Emi Kiyota Completes Her Loeb Fellowship at Harvard!

Photo above: Bob Lagoya, Emi Kiyota,, Anny Wyatt and Earl Ford memorialize the occasion.

On May 26 Emi Kiyota, Ph.D., President of Ibasho and Global Ageing Network Board Member, received a certificate marking the conclusion of her year-long Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Commencement Ceremony.  The Global Ageing Network’s Eduation Manager, Bob Lagoyda, joined Emi’s long-time friend, Ibasho Board Member and Manager of Palliative & Residential at CaringKind, Ann Wyatt and Ann’s partner, Earl Ford, to celebrate this professional milestone with her.

Emi’s journey with Ibasho and reflection on the impact that this past year at Harvard will have on her work are well captured in her Loeb Fellowship Video:  https://youtu.be/l7vNxgeUKGI

Congratulations, Emi!