We Are the Global Ageing Network!

In September 2016, the IAHSA Board of Directors unanimously voted to change our name to the Global Ageing Network!

Our new name reflects the changing nature of our network and our growth around the world. Our focus on the quality of life of people as they age expands beyond homes and services. It embraces technology, workforce, leadership, culture, ageism, health and wellness, inclusion and so many other facets of an ageing society.

As we grow in depth and breadth, the Global Ageing Network is committed to making a contribution to these and more issues that will make our world a better place to grow old.

Here are a just few thoughts about our name from members of our leadership–

“Global connectedness can change our world…we call it friendship”–Viv Allanson, CEO of Maroba & Global Ageing Network Board Member (Newcastle, NSW Australia)

“The diversity of approaches, services, cultural influences and resources adds to the richness of our global ageing network. It affords a tremendous opportunity to expand our relationships, thinking and learnings from one another.”— Stuart Kaplan, CEO of Selfhelp Community Services, Inc. & Global Ageing Network Board Member (New York, NY USA)

“…[‘Global Ageing Network’] reflects the willingness and necessity for global connections and collaboration around the ageing agenda.”–Femada Shamam, The Association for the Aged (TAFTA) & Global Ageing Network Board Member (Durban, South Africa)

Or read this reflection offered by Stuart Kaplan about the Global Ageing Network and why he believes it most accurately embodies the mission and vision of our organization!