U.S. Census Bureau and WHO Releases New Report: An Aging World 2015

New Resource! The U.S. Census Bureau and the World Health Organization (WHO) recently released An Aging World 2015. This report covers demographic, health, and economic aspects of global population aging, and is the fifth in the Aging World series – with other reports published in 1987, 1993, 2001, and 2008.

A unique and invaluable aspect of this report is that it offers user-friendly charts and statistics that compare across countries and regions, including both developed and developing nations. (If you are limited on time, you can skip to Chapter 8 which provides a comprehensive overview of each section in the report.)

In the words of the late Dr. Richard M. Suzman, Director of the National Institute on Aging Division of Behavioral and Social Research, to whom the report is dedicated:  “Aging is reshaping our world.”