The Role of the Primary Care Physician in Managing Dementia

Across the globe, the role of the primary care physician in managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become central, and with increasing incidence of dementia and AD comes additional challenges. Extant research has examined knowledge primary care practitioners (PCPs) have about AD (Pucci et al., 2004; Turner et al., 2004). Some results have revealed adequate to good knowledge. However, general knowledge and practice recommendations do not exist. Initiatives have been undertaken with the aim of changing the attitude of PCPs and numerous guidelines have been developed for Europe, North America and Australia.

The role of the primary care physician is often shaped by the healthcare system in which they conduct their practice, however the aim of this paper is to define the role of the primary care practitioner in AD management, and propose a model for a work plan regardless of the system in with the PCP is operating.

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