SGA Appoints the Global Ageing Network as Regional Focal Point

The Global Ageing Network is proud to announce that Marcus Riley, the Global Ageing Network Board Chair, has been elected to serve as the Asia and the Pacific Region Focal Point on the Stakeholder Group on Ageing (SGA) Steering Committee. SGA, as part of the United Nations system, brings together global and national networks of organizations concerned with issues of ageing. SGA is a member of the Major Groups and other Stakeholders mechanism involved in the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SGA Members are non-governmental organizations working in the field of ageing, at the global, regional, and national levels. The SGA enables the voice of older persons to be heard at the global level with respect to the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its implementation process.

Marcus Riley is well-suited to represent the Global Ageing Network as the SGA Asia and the Pacific Region Focal Point. He serves on The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP) Steering Committee among various other industry leadership positions. The Global Ageing Network is strongly connected with organisations, authorities and individuals associated with the ageing industry throughout the world and will utilize our established networks across Australia, India, Malaysia, China, Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka and other locations across the Asia-Pacific region to effectively contribute to the important work of SGA. As the focal point, we look forward to engaging a broad range of stakeholders to support and harness the technical capacity, leadership, and best practices of constitutes at  the regional and national level. It is imperative to have international, regional, and national participation in order to successfully implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Riley stated “ageing is a global megatrend which demands the attention of all nations and regions of the world.  The mechanism provided by SGA is the moset effective way for relevant stakeholders to input and help ensure our ageing communities are front of mind at the UN and national government levels.”  He added “I am privileged to be involved in this capacity and am eager to work with interested parties as we strive to make ageing a wonderful opportunity for all older people.”

This appointment is a great step for the Global Ageing Network in its commitment to ensure rights and opportunities of ageing and older people are adequately included and responded to in the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda.  Please continue to follow our efforts at or via Twitter @GlobalAgeing.