OLTA Releases 2015 Report on Long-Term Care Challenges in Ontario

The Ontario Long Term Care Association released a new report on long-term care in Ontario today.  This is Long-Term Care 2015 provides an analysis of the growing needs of residents in long-term care homes, noting a dramatic increase in chronic illness and acuity since the publication of its previous report in 2010.

Based on the analysis, the increase can be attributed to multiple factors including regulatory changes in admission criteria made by the Ontario government in 2010.  Canadians entering long-term care homes are required to have high to very high physical and/or cognitive challenges in order to be admitted. Subsequently, residents are transitioning into homes later in life and with far more complex health issues, requiring a higher level of care and supports.

The report is intended to serve as a guide which outlines the current landscape of ageing in Ontario. It provides statistics on residents, funding, staffing and quality of care.  It also outlines key challenges and proposed solutions.

Download the full report here.