Meet IAHSA’s New Board Members

IAHSA welcomes four new board members in 2016.

Richard Semanda is Executive Director of the Geriatric Respite Care Foundation in Uganda, a community-based organization focused on delivering geriatric and palliative care for older people. Richard has been active in a number of other organziations that advocate for and provide support to older Ugandans.

Vincenzo Paolino is President of queerAltern in Zurich. A physchiatric nurse by training, Vincenzo has been a champion of culture change in nursing homes in Switzerland for a n umber of years.

Cheryl Wilson is Chief Executive Officer of St Paul Senior Homes and Services in San Diego California. St Paul’s is a multi-service organization serving hundreds of older people every day through a range of residential and community based services, including skilled nursing and adult day services.

Stuart C. Kaplan is the CEO of Selfhelp Community Services in New York City. Selfhelp reaches over 7,000 older New Yorkers a day, with a focus on serving low income elders in the city. As part if its mission, Selfhelp serves as the “last surviving relative” to its historic constituency – victims of Nazi persecution. Selfhelp has been a pioneer in establishing the virtual senior center to connect people and families. Their model has been replicated in many locations.

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