LeadingAge Releases Anti-Ageism Quick Guide

Global Ageing Network’s U.S. Chapter, LeadingAge, has recently released an Anti-Ageism Quick Guide to help individuals and organizations become more mindful of their language and messaging around ageing and how they can begin to inspire more positive attitudes, behaviors and perceptions of what it means to grow old. The guide offers quick tips and reflective practices which can be used in a variety of settings.

Ageism perpetuates powerful and pervasive stereotypes that demean the individual and impact quality of life. However, aging services professionals are in a unique position to positively influence perceptions about aging in a variety of ways. This quick guide is designed to help organizations and individuals be mindful of the language and messaging they use around aging, and take steps toward eliminating ageist attitudes, behaviors, and words from our vocabulary.

Download the full Anti-Ageism Quick Guide here.

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