IAHSA’s U.S. Members Welcome International Guests

As part of a tour of elder care services and supports in North Carolina, 20 delegates from the Korea Association of Senior Welfare Centers,  recently visited Carolina SeniorCare, a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE). The international group is exploring ways in which they can better serve and support a rapidly ageing population in South Korea. Hosted by Carolina SeniorCare’s Executive Director, Thomas Chang, the group was provided with an overview of the program and an immersive tour of the community with the hope that they would pick up ideas that might help them address the social and economic impact of an older population.

In Washington D.C., Stoddard Baptist Homes welcomed a group from the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Delegation in China. The visit was part of a short study trip for the group to learn about the development of General Physicians. The group toured and met with Stoddard staff to learn about aging services and the healthcare for the elderly–with a specific focus on the development of geriatric physicians and nursing staff, coordination of care as well as general care practices to address everyday needs.

Cross-country connections are integral to the development of sustainable and innovative systems of care and services for older adults around the world.  Countries look to one another for best practices spanning the continuum of care to address the growing healthcare and lifestyle demands of a rapidly ageing population. IAHSA’s Global Connections Program is one way in which IAHSA members can engage, learn from one another and advance evidence-based solutions, innovations and care practices that help to address the unique needs and challenges in their countries.