IAHSA Takes a Stand Against Ageism

IAHSA is joining the World Health Organization in taking a stand against ageism on the International Day of Older Persons, 1 October 2016. Ageism flies in the face of all that we believe in–the fundamental worth of older people and their right to dignity, respect and choice. Ageing is not a disease or a burden; it is a state of life full of opportunitydrawing on the experiences of a lifetime.

As a vibrant global ageing network, IAHSA members provide quality shelter, services and supports in communities across the globe. We do this in the face of rampant discrimination against older adults–in employment, access to services and public policies. By taking a stand against ageism, we hope to raise awareness and prompt action to end the rampant prejudices against the fastest growing population in the world.

Tell us–how will you stand against ageism this October 1st–and onward? Share your commitment to combatting ageism on IAHSA’s Facebook page.