Dementia: Gender Disparity

A recent study by the Milken Institute entitled “The Price Women Pay for Dementia” pointed out the “pernicious gender-based health disparity” presented by dementia in the United States.There is an indisputable disproportionate burden on women as both patients and caregivers.

A few facts:

  • Women account for two-thirds of the 6.4 million Americans with dementia.

  • Women make up the majority of informal caregivivers for those with dementia.

  • The cost of treatment of women is ore than twice that of men

  • The prevalence of dementia is projected to grwow to over 8.3 million women by 2040, widening the prevalence between men and women even further.

Milken offers five policy prescriptions: 1) widen access to healthcare, 2) expand the scope and flow of services, 3) raise awareness and expand caregiver training, 4) provide support in the workplace and 5) increase funding for research.

IAHSA members know too well that this is a global concern. The opportunities to learn from one another across borders are widespread and critically important as we address dementia throughout the world.