Bangladesh NGO Focuses on Good Quality of Life Through Care and Love

Care First Foundation (CFF) has recently joined IAHSA and hopes to expand their efforts in addressing the widespread unmet needs of elders in Bangladesh. Those age 60 and over are 7% of the population in Bangladesh and have a life expectancy of 69.  Due to extreme poverty in the country, the elderly tend to suffer from malnutrition, disease and negligence. As the foundation’s Executive Director Eng. Ejaz Pervez Hossain wrote, “we observe that families are not serious about their elders because they do not consider elderly as having potential to help the family….It is an absolute human catastrophe.”

CFF operates in two communities and last year was able to serve 70 elders. They provided risk monitoring, referrals, counseling, medicine and medical support, home care and activities. Their goal is to expand their services to reduce elderly suffering through community supports and services.

HelpAge International shared the perspective of an older woman in Bangladesh in their publication, “Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and A Challenge,“Particularly older mothers and mothers-in-law are in a terrible situation…They are getting less food compared to other family members, experience physical torture and never get medicines or medical care when they are sick.”

As CFF noted, “to meet our goal we need strong partnerships and collaborative support. Considering the demand, our voluntary support is just a drop of water.”

To learn more about Care First Foundation’s efforts in Bangladesh, click here.