Ageing in Cameroon

Ageing in Cameroon: An Interview with Francis Njuakom (Video)

During his visit with LeadingAge and IAHSA staff last month, Francis Njuakom, Chief Executive of Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA Cameroon) sat down with Gene Mitchell, Editor of LeadingAge Magazine to provide us with a first-hand account of the ageing experience in his country and the work his organization has done to promote elder rights and to improve the quality of care and resources for the Cameroon’s elder population.

The interview is part of IAHSA’s Member Spotlight series which allows our members to share their personal journeys into aged care, the unique experiences and challenges faced in their countries and the contributions they have made towards making a positive difference in the lives of older people.

Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 1: “Why did you begin working with older people?

Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 2: “What is the general attitude toward older people and aging in Cameroon?


Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 3: “How are care and services delivered to older people in Cameroon?

Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 4: “Where does CDVTA’s funding go?

Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 5: “Can you tell me about the older people’s clubs?

Francis Njuakom Interview Pt. 6: “Can you describe the goat-rearing project?

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