The Global Ageing Network’s Core Principles for Care & Services

The Global Ageing Network is a diverse group of providers, applied researchers, architects, clinicians and others committed to a good old age for older adults through the world.  In spite of the immense diversity of cultures, policies, and traditions, we have come together around core principles for care, housing and services that are consistent with our values and guide our work. At the heart of these principles is a commitment to the highest quality of life possible for people as they age. This includes lives with choice and dignity, surrounded by the respect of others.

Care, Services & Housing Principles

To Advance the Interests of Consumers:

  1. The Global Ageing Network supports access to full continuum of affordable housing, health and human services that meet the changing needs and preferences of older adults.

  2. The Global Ageing Network supports the ultimate goal of enabling older adults to age successfully in communities of their choice.

  3. The Global Ageing Network believes that ageing individuals have the right to dignity, equity, non-discrimination and cultural sensitivity as they access services.

  4. The Global Ageing Network promotes shared decision-making between the provider, client, and family, putting the client first.

To Ensure Access to Quality of Care and Services:

  1. The Global Ageing Network supports the development of a quality ageing services workforce that is well trained, culturally sensitive, and paid a living wage, in order to deliver quality care to sustain quality of life.

  2. The Global Ageing Network encourages providers to utilize reliable and valid data indicators to monitor and evaluate the accessibility, affordability, quality, and impact of services they provide.

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