More than two million older people in Ukraine are at extreme risk due to the Russian assault on the country.Older people are often unable to flee from conflict and are left alone without family or their wider community. They are isolated, without loved ones, and cut off from support, including access to medicine and food. With the escalated violence, they are in imminent danger and some are too weak or infirm to get to shelters—and those who have are at risk of having them collapse under bombing.

HelpAge has been working in Ukraine since 2014 and has a permanent presence there. We are raising funds to provide humanitarian assistance to those most at risk, including older people and people with disabilities, as well as their families and others in need.

Your donation today can provide lifesaving support to the most vulnerable in Ukraine.


HelpAge USA advances the dignity and potential of older people around the world through research, advocacy, and programs. We work in the U.S. and with our global network partners in 85 countries to improve lives in the world’s poorest communities. Our goal is to ensure that the contributions of all older people are recognized, and they have the right to a healthy, safe, and secure life.