2015 Leadership Retreat“The Global Leadership Retreat gave me what I hoped for and so much more! In our busy lives we don’t take the time to stop and reflect, that is exactly what the retreat allowed me to do. It was a truly amazing 2 ½ days with outstanding facilitators and exceptional leaders openly and frankly sharing personal and heartfelt experiences and learnings. It allowed me the time to reflect on the importance of leading from ‘who you are and where you are’, and the significant power of words and attitude. I gained a few new tools and strategies in my tool box for my quest to be the best leader/person I can be. It was an uplifting experience and a privilege to share this with some of the most passionate leaders in aged care.” –Jackie Howard, 2015 Global Ageing Leadership Fellow

The Global Ageing Leadership Retreat is a professional development opportunity for worldwide leaders in aged care and is designed to:

  • Enhance leadership skills by exploring the theory and practice of leadership in the context of an ageing world, and
  • Provide a growth and development experience to inspire and prepare leaders of today and tomorrow

Emerging leaders and seasoned professionals of aged care organizations come together to learn together from other experienced leaders in the field. Participants come away with skills, insights, ideas and confidence in providing leadership in times of change and innovation. They gain a global peer network that is sustained well beyond the retreat experience.

The retreat includes facilitator teaching, conversations with visionary leaders, team exercises, readings, films and participatory discussions enriched by participants’ diverse perspectives.

Since 2015, 65 Fellows, have completed the programme.