IAHSA Member Benefits

IAHSA members benefit from shared knowledge, professional development, educational resources, leadership opportunities, and an expanded network of personal and business contacts spanning the globe.

Expand Your Community

The Global Ageing Network expands members' communities beyond borders. We provide networking opportunities and helpful resources through our conferences, forums and other educational programmes. Our members can connect locally and globally with peers of like-minded interests and goals through IAHSA's Global Connections Program and other peer networks. IAHSA members have access to a Global Network of leaders and researchers in aged care as well as one-on-one peer networks to tackle ageing as a global issue with local solutions.

Shared Knowledge

Members can access new knowledge and innovations in aged care by participating in IAHSA’s international education forums and programmes which bridge fields within the ageing services communities (research, technology, architecture, operations). Additionally, IAHSA members receive special discounted pricing to attend IAHSA events as well as events sponsored by members of the Global Ageing Network.Our members have access to the latest in global ageing news and trends, including monthly industry updates through IAHSA's e-newsletter, Alliance, links to research by global organizations through IAHSA’s Research Clearinghouse, where research comes directly from researchers who understand the needs of aged care providers.


IAHSA recognizes leaders in aged care through its Board of Directors, bi-annual awards programme and speaking opportunities at IAHSA educational and networking events. Leadership development opportunities are extended to our members through facilitated programming which allows the sharing of new knowledge and access to global resources and networks. IAHSA also offers a periodic Leadership Retreat for international leaders in aged care and services. This professional development opportunity is designed to foster strong leadership in our field.

Global Advocacy

IAHSA's consultative status as an NGO and service on the United Nation’s NGO Committee on Ageing allows our members to participate and contribute in global discussions about ageing. We are affiliated with other prominent NGOs and global organiztions such as ADI, WHO, AARP International and HelpAge International which allows a cohesive avenue for a global issue that affects us across borders.