Excellence in Applied Research Award Program 2019

Deadline: 1 April, 2019

The Global Ageing Network Excellence in Applied Research Award recognizes ongoing commitment to quality in ageing services through evidence-based research, translation of research into practice, and dissemination of research findings through internal and external shared learning opportunities.

Criteria for this award:

  • Research focused on understanding and/or solving challenges and needs in provider settings or that can influence services and supports.
  • Demonstrated commitment to “giving back” to the field by sharing research findings with peers.
  • Research that can be or has been translated into practice (and examples of how and where translation has occurred).


Global Ageing Network members or non-member individuals are eligible for this award.

How to Submit:

In a Word doc or PDF format, submit a description of the research project, not to exceed 3 double-spaced pages. In addition, up to three letters of support from persons outside the organization may also be included. These letters of support should address the award criteria specifically.

The submission should answer the following questions in order, and include a heading for each response, so that the response to each question is clear.

  • Provide a brief description of the nominated organization or individual (mission, size, scope of services, persons served, etc.). Limit to 300 words.
  • When was the research undertaken? Limit to 200 words.
  • Describe any unique approaches to implementation or creative use of your research. Limit to 300 words.
  • What challenge or issue did the research address? Limit to 200 words.
  • Were the results translated into practice? Limit to 200 words.
  • What results were achieved? Limit to 300 words.

Judging and Notification:

Submissions should be received by The Global Ageing Network no later than 1 April, 2019. The Global Ageing Awards Committee will review the candidates and make their recommendation to the Global Ageing Network Board of Directors. Award recipients will be notified in April 2019 and the winning award[s] will be presented at Global Ageing Network/OLTCA International Global Ageing Conference in Toronto, Canada, 17-19 September 2019.

If you have any questions about the Excellence in Ageing Services Awards Program or the nomination process, please contact us at info@globalageing.org.