2023 Conference Call for Presentations

Deadline: 15 September 2022

The Global Ageing Network is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Scottish Care  and the National Care Forum to co-host the 2023 Global Ageing Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, 7-8 September.

Convening under the theme of Care About Our Future: Global Symposium for Sustainable Care and Support, the conference programme will offer an unprecedented opportunity to explore and debate the urgency of sustainability in every aspect of aged care and support, from government policies, our overall ecology, built environments, operations, frontline workforce, and, most importantly, its impact on individuals who live with the experience of care and support.


The 2023 Global Ageing Network’s biennial conference in Glasgow in conjunction with Scottish Care and the National Care Forum – leading care and support provider associations in Scotland and England – provides an outstanding opportunity and venue for colleagues to gather in a unique forum dedicated to shared learning and professional networking.

The conference will showcase innovative, forward-looking programmes and approaches from around the world, offering a stimulating forum for the exchange of practical knowledge and new strategies focused on the provision of high-quality care and support. Each of the sessions will provide delegates with the opportunity to learn about innovative practices, explore new ideas, and create environments that maximise the quality of life for those who require/access care and support.

We seek sessions that will demonstrate bold ideas, new models, novel technologies, emerging trends, and compelling leadership in care and support practice. Conference delegates expect to participate in interactive sessions, gain inspiration and practical tools, as they forge new partnerships, both locally and abroad Delegates.

Our delegates consist of leaders and professionals from the United Kingdom and throughout the world including: owners, sponsors and operators; CEOs and other senior-level executives; along with a vast array of board members, researchers, care innovators, business providers, policy makers, frontline and direct care managers and staff, care residents and community-based clients with lived experience, and family caregivers.

The conference hosts encourage all colleagues from around the globe to submit proposals for consideration in the programme. Accepted proposals will also be eligible for consideration for the 2022-2023 Global Ageing Network Excellence in Ageing Services Award.

Conference Themes and Topics

Our conference theme, The Future of Care: sustainable care support,  invites submissions that embrace a future perspective and feature thought leadership, innovative ideas, research, projects and/or programmes that address specific needs in supported housing, homecare, residential and nursing care and support, backed by professionally documented practical experience and/or research findings. Topics covered in recent conferences and of the greatest interest to our members and delegates include:

  • Human rights, along with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, focused on those with the lived experience of care and support and their participation as citizens, as well as those who work in our sector.
  • Ethical issues in the delivery care and support services, as well as national responses to global challenges, including the movement of populations in need, as well as the migration of the workforce.
  • Workforce issues for both managers and front line workers, including recruitment and retention strategies that reflect the workplace of the future and staff wellbeing.
  • Change management, leadership practices, as well as development strategies for the workforce and boards of directors/trustees.
  • The central role of activities, music, the visual arts, and creativity in elevating the quality of life and wellbeing of those receiving our care and support.
  • Wellness, dementia care, as well as culture change and person-directed care initiatives.
  • Innovative and novel models of care, support and/or services designed to meet the needs and preferences of future cohorts of people receiving care and support.
  • Enabling technologies aimed at improving care and service delivery, including care coordination and health system optimisation that leverage technology and data to improve outcomes and gain efficiencies.
  • Housing and supportive service delivery models that empower independence and facilitate ageing in the community.
  • Advanced design and operations, including new buildings as well as the expansion and renovation of existing buildings, interiors and landscapes that support healthy and engaged living.
  • Issues related to continuous quality improvement and care coordination.

Session Formats

Applicants may apply to present in one of two different formats as described below.  While the programme committee will take the submitter’s session format preference into consideration, the committee has the ultimate responsibility to determine the best placement and thus format of each submission in the final conference programme:

  • Workshop:  A one-hour concurrent session, dedicated to a single content area, project and/or approach. Presenters should provide a hands-on interactive learning experience and a deep dive into relevant content. The workshop design (i.e. activities) chosen should tie directly to the proposed learning objectives.
  • Panel Presentation:  A 15-20 minute formal presentation included in a 90-minute concurrent session showcasing a diverse set of perspectives from an international panel on a related topic. Following a combined 60 minutes of presentations, panelists will participate in a facilitated discussion, along with questions taken from the delegates. Presenters must demonstrate high quality and methodology and are encouraged to highlight findings and outcomes.

To learn more about the Call for Presentations and submit an application, visit the website at: https://globalageing2023.com/