Green innovations transforming aged care

The world is faced with two transformational challenges, the caring for a rapidly aging population and responding to climate change. Green or nature-based innovations are tackling both of these challenges at once, helping aged care organizations to achieve better care outcomes while adopting more sustainable practices.

In this unique learning package, you will explore how green care is is being effectively adopted in Finland and in the Netherlands to improve the health, happiness and resilience of older adults.

Nature is embedded in the culture and healthcare system of Finland, a country with very low population density and green cities. Ms. Jaana Ahonen will share how nature is integrated in the work of nurses and caregivers for dependent older Finnish. Ms. Ahonen will give examples of green care practices and even technologies improving the lives and care of the elderly. Also, Ms. Ahonen will discuss how green care may also improve the wellbeing of care professionals themselves.

In 2019, the Dutch aged care organization Pennemes & Het Mennisterf has been awarded the prize Nursing Home of the Future for its various successful green innovations, which helped them overcoming the health challenges being in a highly urbanized and industrial zone of the Amsterdam region. You will be guided by Dr. Rutger de Graaf, their Innovation Advisor, in an exclusive documentary about detailing Pennmes & Het Mennisterf pathway to develop a natural healing environment