Dialog Health

The Global Ageing Network is excited to announce our partnership with Dialog Health, an organization that designs and organizes international study trips.

Dialog Health provides a unique opportunity for executives from the health and social care sectors to discover the latest innovations in the field. The team comprises a core staff of skilled consultants and trainers. For each mission, they develop a program of visits, training and discussions with professional and technical experts. They also work with a worldwide network of valued partners which allows them to meet every client’s needs and expectations.

The inaugural Global Ageing Network study tour, in partnership with Dialog Health, will take place from 18-23 May, 2020, in Sweden. The tour to Sweden is designed to give participants insight into the Swedish seniors living field. Participants will have the opportunity to visit both public and private organizations and explore the strengths and challenges of the Swedish elder care system. The aim of the study tour program is to provide participants with the opportunity to form lasting relationships and create a mechanism for increased dialogue among aged care professionals.

Dialog Health is a French company based in Paris. For more information about Dialog Health or the tour to Sweden, please visit their website at https://www.dialog-health.com/.

Sweden Study Tour Brochure 2020