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Welcome from Jiri Horecky, 2022 Global Ageing Network Board Chair

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Jiri Horecky, President

European Ageing Network 

Dear colleagues,

We are soon going to commemorate the two-year anniversary of COVID-19 outbreak in our organizations. Since that day the managers and home directors have become crisis managers and with some short breaks they still are now. We have hoped in between the particular COVID waves that it’s finally over. We put our hopes in the first vaccines. Yet, we are still dealing with infections, quarantines, lack of the staff because of COVID, confinements and restrictions.

It is our hope that this year will be the last and we will soon be able to fully return to the usual operational stuff, to normal personal meetings, visits, conferences, hand shakings and personal sharing.

Jiri Horecky


About Jiri Horecky, Ph.D, MBA

Jiri Horecky has been since 2015 the president of European Ageing Network, since 2007 the president of the Association of Social Services Providers in the Czech republic, since 2017 the vice-president of the Federation of  Social Employers Europe and since 2020 a member of the Executive Board of Social Services Europe.