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LeadingAge CAST to present at the Global Ageing Network Workforce Summit

BY Shannon Davis

It will bring together policymakers, researchers, for-profit and nonprofit international home care providers, educators, and consumer/worker groups to discuss key issues in the aging services workforce. The summit will place a special emphasis on international training standards for front line personal care assistants and their supervisors.

This summit will address key topics that are relevant to the aging services workforce globally, such as the following:

  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Building a pipeline of talent and adapting to a new generation of workers.
  • Healthy, safe, and engaging workplace cultures.
  • Innovative opportunities to fill gaps to meet increasing demand and decreasing supply.
  • Effective training including standards, cultural competency, and bridging cross-national differences.
  • Core competencies for frontline personal care workers and supervisors.

Discussions will consider research, practice, and policy challenges and opportunities, and they will draw on international perspectives and potential solutions.

LeadingAge CAST Presenters at the Workforce Summit

Katie Smith Sloan, president, and chief executive officer of LeadingAge and executive director of the Global Ageing Network, will welcome participants to the summit.

After an overview, panel discussions on models of training and education delivery for home-based care and long-term care will be held, as well as a panel on engagement and recruitment content. A session on the role of technology in the workforce will feature three speakers associated with CAST:

  • Sarah Bettencourt, chief people officer of LeadingAge Gold Partner with CAST Focus PointClickCare, which is sponsoring the summit.
  • Denise Rabidoux, former president and CEO of LeadingAge CAST Patron EHM Senior Solutions. Rabidoux is a former CAST Commissioner.
  • Majd Alwan, Ph.D., CAST executive director and senior vice president of technology at LeadingAge.

Robyn Stone, senior vice president of research at LeadingAge, along with PointClickCare’s Canadian General Manager Stuart Feldman and Director of Corporate Development Chris Beekman, will close the summit.

After the summit, a summary report and proposed action plan will be disseminated widely through the Ontario Long Term Care Association, as well as Global Ageing Network members and partners. Register today for the Workforce Summit.

About the Biennial Global Ageing Network Conference

The Biennial Global Ageing Network Conference is the leading international event for professionals and consumers of long-term care and aging services. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to hear about cutting-edge ideas from around the world. It also shares existing best practice programs that have tools, resources, policies, and procedures that can influence, impact, or initiate change across borders.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) in partnership with the Global Ageing Network hosts the event, from Sept. 17-19, 2019. Conference delegates should expect to participate in interactive sessions, gain both inspirational ideas and practical tools, and forge new partnerships locally and abroad. Register today!