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Introducing our new board member, Ken Yang

BY GlobalAgeing

Kenneth Yang, Esq., Executive Director

Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi)

With an educational background in business and law, I was pleased to immerse myself in the community-based nonprofit world after law school, contributing to organizations focused on providing social services to those of low to moderate income. Although Penn Asian Senior Services (PASSi) is my first experience in an organization whose primary focus is the provision of services for the ageing, I feel like my prior experiences have been building up this opportunity — my prior organizations focused on diverse, inner-city populations, and many older adults were among those receiving our services. At PASSi, both of those elements, diversity and promoting the well-being of the ageing, are only magnified. I look forward to continuing to contribute to PASSi, our diverse group of senior stakeholders, and our greater Philadelphia community in the coming years.

I am excited to join the Global Ageing Network board. Day to day, Philadelphia, PA is the world that I see here at PASSi — the needs and victories within our family of senior clients and members. However, I know that there is so much more out there, in other cities, other countries. I’d like to learn more about both the common bonds, the issues facing ageing services across the world, as well as the differences — where some nations, or specific service providers within, have approached similar needs from unique angles. And, I hope to contribute to that discussion and exchange of ideas, based on our experiences working with a diverse community of elders here in Philadelphia.