Innovation | August 03, 2015

Elder Abuse Interventions

BY GlobalAgeing

Elder abuse is a problem that persists in countries around the world. It is often under-reported and, therefore, interventions are few and far between. It is a tragic and needs to be addressed.

A couple of models deserve our attention.

In the U.S., RiverSpring Health has developed a unique partnership with doormen in New York City apartments. Doormen have a unique view of the well-being of older residents in their buildings, as they see them come and go daily. When something seems out of sorts, the doormen contact RiverSpring to help. RiverSpring has established a shelter, The Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention,  to get elders out of harm’s way and provide professional counseling support.

In South Australia, the government is testing a helpline and training carers, nurses and other public-sector workers to deter abuse against elders. They have identified that 80 percent of elder abuse has come from another family member. “South Australians are living longer than at any time previously and they deserve to enjoy these later years free of undue influence and abuse”, noted the SA Minister for Ageing, Zoe Bettison.