Aging | Country Initiatives | Housing | March 04, 2016

Case Study: Are There Enough Care Providers for Canada’s Future Elders?

BY GlobalAgeing

Dan Levitt, IAHSA Board Member and Executive Director of Tabor Village in Vancouver, Canada, shares his thoughts and insights about Canada’s rapidly ageing population and the shrinking number of care providers and aged-friendly resources to help them. The solution? A geriatric care system just as robust as the pediatric care model brought about by a now ageing generation of baby boomers.

“The baby boom generation that was served well with a robust pediatric system are now caring for their aging and increasingly frail parents, they will insist the older generation have access to frail elderly home and community based programs supported by geriatricians who have expertise in the care of the most complex older adults. What is needed is a revolutionary different approach to elderhood as a life with meaning to shape a better world for children, adults and elders.”

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