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Dialog Health Presents: Are You Ready To Go On A Journey?

BY GlobalAgeing

Join Dialog Health virtual study tour in April 2021 and discover 4 innovative models of care to support older people fighting social isolation. Participate in our pre-recorded virtual study visits and in an international online roundtable to share insights and best practices with your peers at the end of the tour.


  • With our online study tour, discover a new type of continuing professional training allowing you to learn and explore best practices and international innovations in the field of social care.
  • Get a concrete international perspective and an exclusive insight into inspiring best practices developed in France. Innovation does not always require a big budget but lots of imagination and dedication!
  • Immerse yourself in a wide range of inspirational best practices, from organizational to tech, and to social innovations, gaining new resources to tackle the key challenges of social isolation in times of Covid-19.
  • Be a part of an international expert forum for reflection and action

Cost: US $290/Participant

*Includes access to 4 pre-recorded virtual study visits and participation in a 2 hour online live conference with international experts.

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Dialog Health eJourney provides a unique opportunity for executives from the health and social care sectors to discover the latest innovations in the field. The team comprises a core staff of skilled consultants and trainers. For each mission, they develop a program of [in-person or online] visits, training, and discussions with professional and technical experts. They also work with a worldwide network of valued partners which allows them to meet every client’s needs and expectations. Dialog Health is a French company based in Paris.