Provider & Associate Members

“When I spend an hour and a half with our new employees each month, one of the discussions we have is around “what is it that we actually do.” After many suggestions, we then talk about “creating worlds for our elders” and what a special privilege that is – repaying a lifetime of contribution and for the creation of the world that we enjoy, and sometimes take for granted. Unlike our elders, we have not, in the main, had to literally fight for our world and endure the repressions they have. It is indeed an honour to have been a microcosm of the work that IAHSA does.” –Glenn Bunney, CEO, Sundale Garden Village, Australia

Individuals and organisations unaffiliated with our regional chapters have an opportunity to join our network directly through two membership categories.

Provider Members

Provider members include single site and multi-site organizations that represent the full continuum of ageing services. including:

Nursing Homes

Group Homes


Adult Day Care

Home & Community Services

Aged Care Homes

Congregate Care

Service Houses

Assisted Living


Independent Living

Retirement Villages


Associate Members

Our associate members include a broad spectrum of organisations and/or individuals who are not providers of aged care and/or services but are involved or interested in work related to the field of ageing services. Our Associate members include Governments, Associations or non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), researchers and universities and individuals consisting of full-time students, elders and professionals who are interested in ageing services but are not employed by an organisation that qualifies them for other membership or network categories.

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