Study Tour: The Austrian Aged Care System

The Global Ageing Network (GAN) and Dialog Health are pleased to invite you to “The Austrian aged care system” study tour the 1st organized after the adjournments linked to the Covid-19 crisis. Finally!

4 good reasons to participate in our study tour in Vienna?

  1. Participate in Care 4.0 the 8th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN): your attendance is included.
  2. Get a comprehensive overview of the old age sector in Europe.
  3. Discover the Austrian elder care system one of the most advanced on the old continent in terms of quality and innovation.
  4. Get inspired by best practices in health that can be easily replicated in your facilities and organizations.

Through our program of visits to both public and private cutting-age accommodation facilities you will explore strengths and challenges of the Austrian elder care system get an overview of its geriatric pathways and discover innovations in practice.

As the world’s population ages it is important that we investigate different ways of meeting the challenges of the future. Study tours provide an ideal forum to inform and educate.

Join us in this learning adventure to meet the current and future challenges of your organizations!

We will be happy to accompany you in a personalized way while making you benefit from an outstanding expertise.

If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE.