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  • Branding–Key to your Leadership Legacy

    By D. Wayne Langley, president, Varsity Branding (Guest Post) Effectively leveraging your organization’s reason for existence has never been more challenging. The business of providing services to an aging population has become increasingly complex and is likely to grow in complexity, cost and competitiveness over the coming decades. Positioning your

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  • Dan Levitt: Rhinestone Cowboy shines spotlight on Alzheimer’s disease. | The Province

    Global Ageing Network Board Member and gerontologist, Dan Levitt, reflects on the legacy of country music legend, Glenn Campbell.  Campbell will not only be remembered for his musical brilliance, but also for the powerful way he chose to live and share his journey with Alzheimer’s Disease. Glen Campbell will be remembered for

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  • A View of the Future

    By Katie Smith Sloan The future of aged care and supports revolves around two critical themes: person-centered choice and care on the one hand and technology on the other. person-centered is a 180 degree departure from a paternalistic mind-set centered aroudn teh notion that “the professionals know best.” No doubt,

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  • We’ve got to rethink aging, says gerontologist

    Global Ageing Network Board Member, Dan Levitt, explains why it is imperative that we shift our thinking about old age. Medical and technological advancements create more opportunities for older adults to age in place and to remain actively engaged in their communities. We’ve got to rethink aging. That was the message

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  • Teaching and Learning About Home Care in Israel

    By Geralyn Magan Teaching and learning were both on the itinerary when Robyn Stone visited Israel in May. The Global Ageing Network’s Director of Research went to the Middle East at the invitation of JDC-ESHEL, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been planning and developing services for older Israelis for 35

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