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  • Nepal Visioning Workshop 3

    Community-based Model Fosters Resilience and Stakeholder Engagement

    By Dr. Taryn Patterson, LeadingAge Center for Applied Research The Red Cross Global Disaster Preparedness Center funds IAHSA/CFAR researchers to conduct case study on community-based model that fosters resilience and stakeholder engagement Researchers with the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) and the LeadingAge Center for

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  • francis at leadingage

    Member Spotlight: Francis Njuakom, CDVTA Cameroon

    By Mia Mullen, IAHSA Francis Njuakom, Chief Executive of Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA Cameroon) and Jack York, Founder of It’s Never Too Late met at the 2015 IAHSA-ACSA Global Ageing Conference in Perth, Australia.  Yet to see them together today is like watching two brothers with a lifetime of history. After

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  • Forces of Change

    By Katie Smith Sloan, Executive Director, IAHSA Not only are global demographics changing as societies age, but so is the ageing services field. David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times, suggested that there are 4 big forces of change coursing through modern societies. Global migration, leading to demographic

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  • great-britian-exit-vote-decision-in-brexit-referendum_1017-3487

    Brexit’s Impact on Global Ageing

    Aged care organizations in the United Kingdom are not immune from the impact of Brexit. A recent report documents the challenges Brexit presents to voluntary organizations in the social sector in the UK. Many organizations in the UK have been dependent on EU financing to support infrastructure, research and development, causing some

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  • Rethinking Age Care, Services and Supports

    Countries in the developed world are–of necessity–engaged in rethinking their approach to aged care, services and supports. Assumptions of the past about utilization and philosophy of care are being replaced by a more distrubuted, consumer-centric mindset. In Switzerland, CURAVIVA has put forth a vision in which the role of providers

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