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  • The Role of the Primary Care Physician in Managing Dementia

    Across the globe, the role of the primary care physician in managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become central, and with increasing incidence of dementia and AD comes additional challenges. Extant research has examined knowledge primary care practitioners (PCPs) have about AD (Pucci et al., 2004; Turner et al., 2004). Some

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  • Meet IAHSA’s New Board Members

    IAHSA welcomes four new board members in 2016. Richard Semanda is Director of the Geriatric Respite Care Foundation in Uganda, a community-based organization focused on delivering geriatric and palliative care for older people. Richard has been active in a number of other organziations that advocate for and provide support to

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  • Faze-Mini-Drone

    Will a Drone Be Your Mother’s Next Care Assistant?

    by Geralyn Magan Americans may be warming up to the idea of using unmanned aerial vehicles — or drones — to deliver Amazon packages or take pictures of unreachable places like remote mountain ranges or hurricane-decimated landscapes. But what about using indoor drones to help older people get their hands on

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  • CDVTA Photo 1

    IAHSA Members Partner To Launch Sustainable Goat Rearing Programme for Women Elders in Cameroon

    Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA) and Jack York of It’s Never Too Late partnered to launch the “Jack York Elderly Women’s Sustainable Goat Rearing Project” a sustainable livestock programme to assist elderly women and their families in the north west region of Cameroon.  Jack York met Francis Njuakom Nchii, Executive

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  • Marcus Riley Elected IAHSA Board Chair

    Marcus Riley, CEO of the Hibernian Society, which owns and operates BallyCara, has assumed the role of Chair of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA), effective 1 January, 2016. Riley has served as an IAHSA board member for 2 years.

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