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  • Global Ageing Network Innovation Platform

    Innovation in aged care, services, supports and housing is essential to meet the needs of societies that are facing an unprecedented demographic shift. Today, nearly one billion people are over age 60. The number is expected to double within a few decades, dramatically impacting economies, health systems, and communities across

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  • Nursing Home Makes Room For Student Residents

    The Intergenerational Living Program at St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation and Residence, a nursing home in Portland, Maine began in January 2017. It was modelled after a program in the Netherlands, a community called Humanitas, and built around the same values including that of “being a good neighbor.” The program began 4

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  • Ibasho: An Intergenerational Approach to Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

    Above photo: Ibasho storytelling activity in Ofunato, Japan By Taryn Patterson In many societies, an ageing population is often seen as a burden, and older people are treated as liabilities – a vulnerable population in need of care and support – especially in the wake of a disaster. Such a narrow

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  • 6 Ways You Can Help An Older Adult With Depression | Junomedical

    World Health Day commemorates the anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is celebrated on the 7th day of April of every year.  This year’s World Health Day theme was centered around a subject that affects people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures from all over the world. Depression: Let’s Talk is

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  • Improving Best Practice at a Global Level – Inside Ageing

    By Marcus Riley, Chair – Global Ageing Network The International Association of Homes & Services for the Ageing (IAHSA) has formally become the Global Ageing Network. The re-brand of this important organisation signals a renewed and enhanced commitment to positively influencing the improvement of best practices in our industry on

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