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  • The Language of Dementia

    “Words are powerful. The use of appropriate words can dramatically help to reshape attitudes, actions, and thoughts about people who are living with dementia. Rather than disrespecting and diminishing any person, all words used shoudl be supportive, respectful and life-affirming.” This important reminder was the conclusion of the compelling report

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  • Member Spotlight: Wells of Hope, Nairobi Kenya

    Wells of Hope, a community based organization, works in the Kibagare community in Nairobi, Kenya. Kibagare is a slum that is home to about 30,000 people, many of whom are elderly. Poverty is rampant and resources to provide housing a services are limited. Presently an over-crowded day center serves both

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  • Elder Abuse Interventions

    Elder abuse is a problem that persists in countries around the world. It is often under-reported and, therefore, interventions are few and far between. It is a tragic and needs to be addressed. A couple of models deserve our attention. In the U.S., RiverSpring Health has developed a unique partnership

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