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  • The Promise of Technology – Results of a European Study on Active and Healthy Ageing

    A recent study by the European Commission identified the 25 most promising technologies aimed at improving quality of life, increasing the efficiency of health and long term care delivery and market potential. Projects related to fall prevention and robotics for rehabilitation, basic services and loneliness showed great promise in improving

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  • Cameroon: Elder-Driven, Community-Based Initiatives Like You’ve Never Seen!

    Walter Coffey and David Sprowl, Managing Partners of WD International Consulting, shared with the Global Ageing Network a reflection from a recent visit to Cameroon where they saw elder-driven, community-based initiatives “like you’ve never seen before!” In their reflection, they describe the welcome that they received from the elders in

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  • The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential (Guest Post)

    By Jennie Smith-Peers, Executive Director, National Center for Creative Aging “There is no denying the problems that accompany aging. But what has been universally denied is the potential. The ultimate expression of potential is creativity.” Dr. Gene Cohen, The Creative Age: Awakening Human Potential. The world is in the midst

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  • What 7-Eleven Can Teach Us about Aging in Community

    By Robyn Stone, Director of Research, Global Ageing Network A super-sized soft drink may be the first image that comes to mind when Americans think about their local 7-Eleven stores. But for many older adults living in Japanese cities, the convenience store chain represents a valued source of healthy food and

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  • The Global Ageing Network’s EAHSA Chapter’s Launches New Centre

    The European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA), a chapter of the Global Ageing Network representing 3,000 providers in 20 different countries in ageing services, has identified a growing need among its members to exchange best practices. It also sensed that access to applied (academic) research in

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