Submit Research

Why submit to the Global Ageing Network’s Applied Research Clearinghouse?

Having research featured in the Clearinghouse not only contributes to a valuable resource for a global community of proactive applied researchers and ageing service providers, but fosters a much needed collaborative mentality within the field of health services research.

Additionally, we publicize research from the Clearinghouse via our Global Network or researchers, providers, and policy-makers. Venues in which the Clearinghouse research will be disseminated include:

  • The Global Ageing Network’s monthly newsletter, Alliance
  • The Global Ageing Network Blog
  • LeadingAge media outlets and website
  • National and international membership organizations and conferences

Research will be included in the Clearinghouse if:

  • The device or intervention has demonstrated efficacy and effectiveness within senior housing or has been tested/developed with a sample of older adults.
  • The essential components of the research are clearly defined.
  • Opportunities exist to change or adapt the intervention so that it works better in different settings.
  • The intervention pertains to one of the clearinghouse’s current/future topic areas.
  • The research could potentially translate cross-culturally and trans-nationally. The success of the concept should not dependent on state or national-level policy, government structure or cultural practices.

Individuals submitting research are encouraged to include trainer and program manuals, an analysis of costs, and a list of required project resources, if they are available.

Once materials have been submitted, IAHSA staff will review the research to determine eligibility. If eligible, Global Ageing Network staff will complete the summary form for inclusion in the Clearinghouse.

As the researcher, you will be responsible for submitting the following initial information:

  • Date of publication
  • Author Organization(s)/Affiliation
  • Journal/Publication Outlet
  • Country
  • International Applicability
  • Contact Information
  • Full text of article
  • Any supporting documents

Global Ageing Network staff will be responsible for providing a neutral evaluation of the following information:

  • Summary of Research Project
  • Problem Addressed
  • Research Questions
  • Design and Methods
  • Impact/Result Achieved
  • Strengths and Limitations/Lessons Learned
  • References