iStock_000010826667_LargeGlobal Ageing Research Clearinghouse

Our Global Ageing Research Clearinghouse is a repository of applied research projects carefully selected to offer providers new ideas and strategies to address common challenges. The Clearinghouse includes both concise abstracts and full summaries.  The abstracts offer perspectives on international applicability, translate research findings, highlighting the applicability.

The pertinent contact information and links to full summaries accompany the abstracts. The Clearinghouse’s mission is to present major research findings for aging service providers to promote the adoption and testing of different models and interventions in their organizations.

For Researchers:

The Clearinghouse is an online portal to enhance researcher-provider interchange and a means for you to disseminate your key research findings to shape practice. Click here to find out how to submit your research.

For Providers:

The Clearinghouse provides executive summaries of evidence-based research to stimulate the discussion, adoption, and testing of new ideas and strategies for innovative models and interventions. The Clearinghouse can serve as a useful tool for bridging gaps by providing a portal through which research is shared and future research becomes more informed by the provider community. providers who have utilized this research, connect with researchers, and find opportunity to bridge gaps in care needs.