iStock_000016924391_XXXLargeGlobal Research Initiative

The global aging community is building a vibrant international applied research network. The seeds of the network were planted in late September 2012 during a Global Ageing Applied Research Forum sponsored by the Global Ageing Network.

As our research network grows, the impact on providers of services and supports will be significant. There is an enormous value in bringing together providers and researchers from countries around the world. Working together, they will identify, research and implement solutions for the most pressing issues facing our rapidly aging population. An evidence base created by this international network can advance our shared knowledge and our ability to create positive outcomes for the people we serve.

The Global Ageing Research Network

Providers and researchers have come together out of the strong conviction that, together, we can accomplish so much more than we could ever achieve alone.

Providers have identified a number of topics of interest, including how to:

  • Create a continuum of home-based services and supports.
  • Foster lifelong independence through aging friendly communities.
  • Strengthen the frontline workforce.
  • Support and find ways to collaborate with family caregivers.
  • Improve care for seniors experiencing cognitive and physical declines.
  • Understand optimal services and supports for thos with dementia.

A Promising Beginning with Many More Steps to Follow

We are grateful to the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and the McGregor Foundation for their support in launching the Global Ageing Network’s applied research initiative.

Subsequent forums have been held in Denver, Colorado (2012), Shanghai, China (2013), Amsterdam (2014) and Perth, Australia (2015) and Lyon, France (2016).

Providers around the world have much to learn from one another. Researchers can help advance that learning process. Working together, we can identify effective clinical and management interventions for a growing older population, implement those interventions effectively, and sustain that implementation over time. No other organization in the world is uniting providers and researchers to take on these challenges.

An important element of the Global Ageing Network’s applied research agenda is the Research Clearinghouse. Researchers are encouraged to submit  their research findings for publication in the Clearinghouse. Visit our Research Clearinghouse for more details.