Country Support Network

IAHSA’s Country Support Network provides an avenue through which IAHSA members can build supporting relationships with others in need of resources for use in carrying out their mission of care for the elderly.

The Country Support Network concept was conceived during IAHSA’s 8th International Conference in London in July 2009 when providers from Australia met Marigold Mncube, Matron of the Emseni Old Age Home in South Africa and spontaneously formed a ‘fund raising’ event to support Emseni. Read the story (pdf).

IAHSA’s role is to facilitate connections between interested parties, on a country-to-country level. This is done through donor country and  recipient country leaders. Information on both of these roles is below.

The Country Support Network was recently highlighted in our American chapter’s magazine. Read the full story.

Donor Country Leader Requirements

Donor country leaders are IAHSA members/chapters who are willing to spread the word about the IAHSA Country Support Network in their country to recruit potential donors as well as assist in identifying recipient organizations.

Some functions the donor country leader can provide include:

  1. Recruit donors who are interested in forging friendships/links/partnerships with other organisations around the globe. This can be done through personal contact, websites, newsletters, participation in social networks, etc.
  2. Help the donor identify a possible recipient.
  3. Keep track of connections made and encourage donors to share stories and experiences for inclusion in organisation communications.

Donor organisations are IAHSA members of all types who are interested in forging friendships with other members around the world and have the resources to help meet their needs. Resource sharing can take a number of different forms and are only limited by ideas and creativity of the partners.

Recipient Country Leader Requirements

Recipient Country Leaders serve as the main focal point for the IAHSA Country Support Network. The country leader helps identify the organisations that need capacity building and that could benefit from forming a caring partnership with others. The leader also helps them ‘tell their story’, identifying the types of resources that would be most beneficial to meet their needs. In addition, the country leader assists in the distribution of the donations, helping the recipient meet expectations for accountability and reporting on use of the donated goods.

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