The Global Ageing Network Wisdom Talks with Dr. Emi Kiyota & Dr. Taryn Patterson

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Ibasho means “a place where you can feel like yourself” in Japanese. Ibasho was born out of the experience of its founder, Dr. Emi Kiyota, who lived with elders in long-term care communities aimed at creating a safe place for older adults. Ibasho partners with groups who are interested in viewing elders as resources rather than liabilities. Ibasho also empowers elders as “change agents” wherever they call home. Join Drs. Emi Kiyota and Taryn Patterson as they introduce the ibasho model and their successful ventures incorporating the model in various communities around the world.

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8 August 2018
4 p.m. EST
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About the Speakers

Emi Kiyota, Ph.D.
Emi Kiyota, Ph.D., an environmental gerontologist, educator, and organizational culture change expert, focuses on initiatives to improve the quality of the built environment for healthcare settings and long-term care services for elders.

Dr. Kiyota is a consultant to numerous age-friendly design projects for senior housing, hospitals, and clinical-care centres in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Dr. Kiyota is also a frequent speaker on these issues to audiences of both academics and practitioners, including the World City Summit, World Bank, and Moscow Urban forum. In addition to her consultant work on quality improvement in the built environment for long-term care and aging services, Dr. Kiyota holds great concern for the similar needs of elders in the developing world. Dr. Kiyota has been involved in development for housing and services for elders in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Ivory Coast.

Taryn Patterson, Ph.D.
Taryn Patterson, Ph.D., a policy research associate at the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, assists with research on the development, adoption, and support of innovative affordable housing solutions that enable seniors to age safely and successfully in their homes and communities. She is additionally involved with the Global Ageing Network (GAN), a global NGO that holds United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Status. She holds a doctoral degree in lifespan developmental psychology. She also holds graduate certificates in Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Aging Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.