Alzheimer and other dementia cases will triple by 2050, reaching 131 million people

In part as a response to this staggering estimation, entire villages are being raised catering specifically to persons living with dementia. These assisted living “cities within a city” are a radical alternative to traditional dementia wards of nursing homes.

The Alzheimer Village model is already showing to bring more quality of life to people with dementia, to their family caregivers, as well as to the staff working in dementia care institutions.

Join a unique learning package coupling live conference and an exclusive documentary showcasing concret implementations of this promissing model and how they successfuly normalize the care of severe dementia.

More about Alzheimer’s Villages

In 2009, now world-renowned Hogeweyk was inaugurated, the world’s first Dementia Village. This was the birth of a promising new approach to the care of older persons suffering from severe dementia. Alternatively to segregated wards, Hogeweyk offers all amenities of a typical Dutch neighborhood or small village to its about 160 residents.

Inspired from the Dutch experience, similar projects began to be developed around the world, particularly in Europe, with the main scope of integrating dementia care into the social fabric of cities and villages. As a participant of this eJourney into Alzheimer’s Villages, you will explore the development of the Dementia Village model in France with the Village Landais, as well as in Italy, with the presentation of the project and daily operation of Il Paese Ritrovato.

You will benefit from live, filmed and written learning experiences, helping you improve your understanding of how Alzheimer Villages enroll in their nation’s evolving health systems, policies, and values. Finally, you will join a high-level discussion and networking with other leading executives in aging from around the world.