Innovation in aged care, services, supports and housing is essential to meet the needs of societies that are facing an unprecedented demographic shift. Today, nearly one billion people are over age 60. The number is expected to double within a few decades, dramatically impacting economies, health systems, and communities across the world.  To meet the growing needs, we cannot simply continue to do what we have always done. We need new ideas and approaches.

Innovation is change that adds value or benefit.  These changes can be modest or substantial. They can impact process, quality, residents, staff, families or even government policies and programs. The Global Ageing Network Innovation Platform is designed to be a resource for the field. Key to our focus in innovations that are inspirational, adaptable or replicable, and driven by a focus on the needs of aging adults and the challenges of an ageing population.

We hope that you will share your innovative ideas – proven or promising – with us so that we can, in turn, share with others. Tell us the challenge you are facing ; perhaps we can match it with an innovative solution.

Innovation in Global Ageing

  • Filling the Care Gap – Foreign-Born Workers in Aged Care

    By Katie Smith Sloan, executive director, Global Ageing Network The workforce is everything in aging services – every country, every community, and every provider. Our workforce is the backbone of the services we provide, the quality we deliver and the satisfaction of our clients and residents. This has been true

  • Co-Creating Environments: Empowering Elders and Strengthening Communities Through Design

    Emi Kiyota, a Global Ageing Network board member, submitted a short essay in a Hastings Center report focusing on “Co-Creating Environments: Empowering Elders and Strengthening Communities Through Design.” Abstract Working with elders around the world has taught me that those living in grass huts in Africa with children at their

  • Ibasho at Global Ageing Network’s Aug. “Wisdom Talk”

    The Global Ageing Network welcomed Drs. Emi Kiyota and Taryn Patterson to present on Ibasho at the August “Wisdom Talk” series. Through a photographic presentation, they demonstrated how the Ibasho concept was incorporated in communities in Japan, Philippines, and Nepal. Ibasho means “a place where you can feel like yourself.”

  • A Wisdom Talk with the Peace Corps Response Program

    The Global Ageing Network hosted its 4th “Wisdom Talk” on Wednesday, 13 June 2018. Providers and community members participated in an informal discussion and learned about the Peace Corps Response Program, a program that sends experienced professionals to undertake short-term, high impact assignments in communities around the world. Dustin Manhart,

  • Reimagining Ageing Around the Globe

    By Katie Smith Sloan I recently had the privilege of representing the Global Ageing Network and LeadingAge at a conference in England sponsored by National Care Forum, an association of nonprofit care providers in England and CommonAge, advancing issues of ageing in Commonwealth countries. It was a unique gathering of

  • The Promise of Technology – Results of a European Study on Active and Healthy Ageing

    A recent study by the European Commission identified the 25 most promising technologies aimed at improving quality of life, increasing the efficiency of health and long term care delivery and market potential. Projects related to fall prevention and robotics for rehabilitation, basic services and loneliness showed great promise in improving

  • What 7-Eleven Can Teach Us about Aging in Community

    By Robyn Stone, Director of Research, Global Ageing Network A super-sized soft drink may be the first image that comes to mind when Americans think about their local 7-Eleven stores. But for many older adults living in Japanese cities, the convenience store chain represents a valued source of healthy food and

  • The Global Ageing Network’s EAHSA Chapter’s Launches New Centre

    The European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA), a chapter of the Global Ageing Network representing 3,000 providers in 20 different countries in ageing services, has identified a growing need among its members to exchange best practices. It also sensed that access to applied (academic) research in

  • The Five Senses Matter for Seniors’ Quality of Life (Guest post)

      New Global Ageing Network Board Member Laetitia Daufenbach shares news of a recent study on the five senses and why they matter for enhanced quality of life. Laetitia is the Global Head of Strategy for Sodexo Seniors.  She begins her board membership in January 2018. We experience the world

  • Nursing Home Makes Room For Student Residents

    The Intergenerational Living Program at St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation and Residence, a nursing home in Portland, Maine began in January 2017. It was modelled after a program in the Netherlands, a community called Humanitas, and built around the same values including that of “being a good neighbor.” The program began 4